Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

I am proud to introduce this senior high school to you, Lycée Georges Pompidou, in Castelnau le Lez.
This high school includes three training centers
- Senior high school
- Vocational classes
- Further education programs including a work study program.

All the team is very happy of the achievements of our students at national exams. For me, Lycée Georges Pompidou is what we call “le lycée de toutes les réussites”.

Indeed, our aim is to give all our students the opportunity to be a success.

  • Whatever their background
  • Whatever their choices
  • And their ambitions.

I strongly believe that success is not a question of good luck.
It’s a question of commitment

  • Commitment of the students of course: we expect respect, hard work and we have a tough anti absenteeism policy
  • Commitment of their parents, with–whom we keep in touch
  • Commitment of all the school community

For us, each student is unique,

  • With his own personality,
  • With his own skills,
  • His own career plans.

This is what we take into account to make sure that each student

  • Enjoys studying in this school,
  • Understands that personal development is important
  • And improves, which will allow him to reach his goals.

Students are unique, and as you can see, this high school is unique too.

  • It has won a prize in architecture. Indeed, in 2002 (two thousand and two) it won the Jean Zay Prize as the best high school built in two decades.
  • It’s a very modern school rich in high tech equipment, as you will see when we visit it together

Here we stick to modernity. For example,

  • We regularly update our internet website
  • We promote cultural programs to develop social skills
  • We have partnerships with many local companies
  • We have signed bilateral agreements with our European Union countries including Erasmus, Comenius and Leonardo programs.

The international dimension of this school is obvious. It all started in 1996 (nineteen ninety six), when this school was built.
We are organizing a series of student exchanges with countries like Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, and also Denmark, Rumania, Russia and Vietnam.
We offer a choice of modern languages classes to our students, and we have what we call “sections européennes” which are specific classes.
In these classes, students attend, for example, economics, history, or physics lessons in English or Spanish.
To conclude, what we look for is success, but not merely professional success! Personal development is important, Social skills are important and, of course, pleasure to learn in a positive a environment…

Christian DASI, Headmaster.


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